Shortlisted - NME Photography Awards, 2013

I received an e-mail today confirming I have been shortlisted in this years NME Photography Awards. It was a fantastic feeling. I was shortlisted two years ago too, for my photograph of Shane Kinsella, drummer in The Minutes, and when I received the e-mail early that morning, I fell out of the bed.

Thankfully, this year I was sitting down.  

But it was a weird sensation. As soon as I received the e-mail, in which it asked for a high-res copy of the image, I began preparing my photograph of HEALTH, which was one of the images that I submitted.

I mean it's my favourite live shot, and it's the best picture I've taken this year. I might be biased towards it, because it was 'Explored' on Flickr and has seen my stats shoot up since then. Even still, I think it was the best of the 5 images I entered into the competition.

Turns out the photo chosen was the one I was least convinced could do well, one of Palma Violets.  


I clearly rate it, as I submitted it, but compared to the HEALTH image, or my Charles Bradley one that I also sent in, it just lacks a bit of oomph for me. Rock photography in my view is all about going mental, giving it everything you have.  

It was a great moment when I took the photo all the same. The guys were clearly 'enjoying themselves' , having just come out of an interview that went well, where a fan had given the Violet Nail Varnish (visible to the bottom right of the frame) and they were psyching themselves up to go on stage in a few seconds time. I asked a bit sheepishly if I could take a photograph and before the Electric Picnic security team could say "Who the feck are you, hairy boy?!", they fell into position perfectly, like a band that are real mates often do. 

And I mean look at their style. Effortless. That big coat on the right also fits a full bottle of wine into it's pocket, so it's bloody handy *and* stylish.