YN568EX in action

So last weekend I got to take the YN568ex out for a proper test. The verdict?
...I need the YN622N to get the thing to work as I want it to.

That's not to say it doesn't work. It just doesn't work very consistently. When it does it's spectacular. 

For example here we have Elena shot at 1/2000, f2.8 and with an ISO of 200:


We can see the effect of the wide aperture further down the wall and the shutter speed means that the Umbrella used was the only light source illuminating Elena in this scene.

But this image was a compromise of sorts. Initially I wanted to shoot Elena straight on - but with the light about 45 degrees to my right I noticed a few issues. First off, a weird banding when not shooting at full power.

I had two of the YN568s on the Dot Light Bar, each set to 1/4 to save on battery power and also, just as a place to start working out the right values for everything. But it became clear there was an issue. A banding of light on the side my flashes were on. (See image 'b' below). This was remedied as soon as both (or one) flash was set to full power (1/1)

Secondly, with the flashes to my right at about 45 degree, the power of the on-board 'Master' flash, in this instance an SB-600 at 1/16 wasn't enough to trigger the YN flashes. I pumped the SB to 1/2 power, and the YN's fired, but this had the negative effect of adding an ugly fill-flash to my picture (see image 'a'). On camera flash is rarely nice light and while Elena looks great in the shot, the shadow behind her bugs the hell out of me.

A: The negative fill-flash  and B: The 'odd' banding

It was one heck of a Sunny day, an Irish Summer in 24 hours, so we took to the shade to shoot. That said there was a heck of a lot of light in the shade and I put that down as the reason the flashes didn't fire all that well. The new triggers the YN622n's *should* remedy this situation. 

The banding however, remains a mystery. 
When I tried lesser powers at home, I got no such banding - only when I shoot in bright light or outdoors. Even then, on some occasions it was nearly fine, but it was too common a problem to be something to ignore. I'll keep you posted on this one.

Anyway, when I moved to the side of the wall, turned the SB-600 to face the YNs to my right, I got away from the fill flash issue, something I couldn't do initially as the flashes weren't facing me in any real way.

Later on, I took the chance to remove both issues by removing the close background. The fill flash was flattering and the banding didn't have a place to exist.

Abeer, at 1/3,200

The 'bokeh' is lovely and we can see the high-key in her eyes was located to the above left of the camera.

They're flashes I will undoubtedly use more than any other, but only once I get these issues sorted. Until then, I'll be using my trusty YN602s and the limit of 1/250.

It's not a bad combination, mind you! Here's an example with my old set up from the day!

Elena with the 602 set up.

I used the sun as my back light, and pushed my SB600 to full power through a shoot thru' brolly, positioning it to face the sun and create a cross-lighting effect.

Anyway, any questions just ask. I'm more than happy to help!


Assistant: No assistant this time