Instagram Roundup : October

Here's a selection of Instagram pages from locals that you should be following this month:


Dave is a former classmate of mine who has a ginger beard, an incredible talent for MMA, photography - and he's as cool as they come. Oh and he just happens to be Conor McGregor's photographer. His page blew up around the time of the Mayweather fight, and it's not hard to see why. Check it out. 



Phil has always been a solid photographer, but his recent foray into mixing location photography with bright, primary coloured geometric illustrations has really made his work stand out. These photos stand on their own, but these very commercial friendly additions mean Phil's work is a nice break from the standard beauty portraits that fill up your Insta feed. 



If Live Music photography is your thing, Owen's stream is a sight to behold. Pictures from all the major national festivals, big shows, small gigs and even some international ones can be found here, in all their glory. His recent trip to Iran also showcases his architectural photography skills and mastery of exposure. 



Street Photography is as difficult as it gets. Requiring nerves of steel and the ability to expose in milliseconds, it's not something that comes easy. So when it's done well, it should be lauded. Vidy's work is smart and effortless looking. With a relatively small following, you can feast your eyes on eyes on what the rest are missing out on.



To anyone following Music Photography, Ruth needs little introduction. As comfortable in the pit as she is in the studio or on location, Ruth's page is a seamless blend of all three. Get following. 



In a frankly disgraceful short amount of time, Ricky went from local model to a photographer creating images worthy of Vogue. Cool images beset with heavy blacks and atypical angles, Ricky's work, like his choice of models, is fantastic. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 18.58.18.png


While there are some digital shots on Dylan's page, the majority are  35mm scans, often of expired rolls of film. Concentrating on Dublin and youth culture, the narrative being told here is beautiful and will make you ask why you are taking photos while you enjoy taking it all in. Faded, instantly nostalgic, but honest, this is one page I can't recommend enough. 

Dylan Jackson

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