How I lit it : Conor

There were a few people asking how I lit the recent shot of Conor, so here's the first 'How I Lit It' post that'll hopefully help you out, especially if you're new to the studio. It's a good one to start with as it's pretty simple and should show you how some small ideas can create bigger images. 

This is the shot in question:

This simple set up involves two medium-sized (3ft wide) gridded softboxes placed either side of Conor with gels inside to colour the light. Like so (except Conor was about 4-5ft from the backdrop):


For the true nosey-Parkers amongst you, this is the Exif info:
ISO 50

Realistically speaking, the above is interchangeable to a large extent.

The colours were chosen because they're complimentary on the Colour Wheel. They're colour gels - just small pieces of plastic cut up and places infront of the light to give it a hue (just not too close so that they'd melt and damage the light!)

The main thing to take from the light placement is that it isn't to the side of Conor. Had they been at 90' angles to him, there would have been a dark shadow over the front of his face where the lights couldn't reach. Instead, by pulling them closer to me and aiming them back at Conor, they spill across each other and his face is fully coloured. They also fall onto the backdrop too, adding a bit of dimensionality to it. The grids prevent the light from overcooking the backdrops though.

I'm a big fan of using the white backdrop on these colour shoots. The lights blend into one and create nice, soft patterns. I could have as easily used a black backdrop, moved Conor forward and avoided this, but I love the little variety and small gradient in the colours - especially in this one. 

It's simple, it's quick, it's effective.