I've been interested in photographing the Irish Music Scene for the past decade. I've documented bands backstage, photographed them leaping about onstage and I've taken a few portraits of them too. I loved it all. I took a break in 2017 and concentrated on shooting models, building up my knowledge of colour and trying new editing techniques. Now I want to get back to do what I do best,  shooting musicians.

What's in it for the musicians?

If you're a musician, you know it can be a pox getting photos. It's more expensive than you thought it'd be, for a starters. What I'm offering is a free studio shoot. A colour one. You've probably already seen them. They stand out. They get you noticed.

You'll get three free images with a watermark on them in return for your time. Simple as. You can share them wherever you want on your socials. In return for my time and expenses, I'll ask that you not remove the watermark or use it commercially. That's it.


What's in it for me as a photographer?

I get to keep documenting Dublin's music scene - and I get the best musicians in Dublin sharing a quality image with my Deadly watermark all over them. Maybe in the future I'll put on an exhibition of all these images.
I don't get a lot of time to shoot anymore (just weekends), so when I do I want to do it on my terms. These will all be colour shoots, I'm not open to anything else. 


What if I want more images, or have them without the watermark or to use them commercially?

You're under no obligation to buy, nor should you be expecting anything for nothing. If you want to buy the full set of  edited images, all I ask is that you cover the studio and travel costs. For one hour that's €40, for two it's €60. That's it. After that, you can use them for anything: posters, shirts, promos, whatever. On average, a two hour shoot will return about 5-7 images. 

I'm not in this for any financial gain. This is the thing that I'm passionate about. This isn't a business and I've no interest in monetising my photos anymore. II've no interest in taking photos that don't interest me either, but if you like my style, you can contact me and we can see if we can arrange something together.

*note: preference given to solo acts/duos*