Hi, I'm Sean. I'm a photographer based in Dublin, Ireland. I have a big ginger beard, an obsession with King Salt n Vinegar crisps and I’m pretty good with a camera.

I'm primarily interested in shooting with bands and musicians - and I've been doing that since 2011. Over the years I've honed my skills with some great models too, and chances are, you’ve probably seen these in my galleries already.

If you like my portfolio and would like to work together, send me a mail and if you're up for doing something dynamic, we can work something out that suits us both.  Something different.

Something Deadly.

I’m very proud to have my work featured in: Goldenplec, The Irish Times, The Irish Independent, The BBC, RTE, The Guardian, The NME, Hot Press, Bizarre Magazine, The Times, The Radio Times and many other publications.

My proudest photography achievements include:

  • Placing second in the NME Photography Awards - in both the Portrait and Photojournalism categories, 2011 & 2013

  • Being the inaugural the HTC Photojournalist of the year

  • Being featured on fStoppers 'Photograph of the Day' section

  • Having work selected to hang on the prestigious walls of The Olympia Theatre Dublin. 

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See more about me in miniature daily bites with this One Second Everyday Video.

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Otherwise, I’m a native of Finglas and I own this big, ugly green shed. I don’t know what to do with it, to be honest. I’ll probably put a catflap on it and adopt a rake of kittens.

But I’ve also got my own studio and it’s a little bit nicer than this metal hunk. If you want to make some great visuals, you can always come over and check it out.